What did Modi to India? , What is Modi Raj formula? Is Modi destroying India ?

*🇮🇳 The Real Modi❕*

What did Modi to India? , What is Modi Raj formula? Is Modi destroying India ?

How Modi is destroying India ?
*First Success*
Modiji became the General President of the 53-nation Conference in Britain, abolishing two hundred years of Indian slavery and making India a world leader. Because of this, the chest of every Indian should expand with pride.
*Second win*
In the United Nations Human Rights Council, India has achieved great success. The member with the highest number of votes (required 97) received 188 votes. The people of India still ask .. why does Modi go abroad❔
*Third victory*
The list of the 25 most powerful countries in the world has been released. India is in fourth place, following the United States, Russia and China. This is the Modi era❕
*Fourth victory*
GST monthly tax collection is crossing Rs 1 lakh crore (100 thousand X 10 million) even during pandemic this year. This is the economics of the tea seller❕
*Fifth victory*
India ranks second in setting up new solar power plants, overtaking the US and Japan.

*Sixth victory*
Solar power generation 2017-18 China, US also shocked.
*Seventh victory*
India’s GDP is looking to grow much higher despite pandemic.
Even now Indians say why Modi is going abroad.
*Eighth victory*
India has joined the countries in the world to launch supersonic missiles from three places: land, sea and sky.
*Ninth victory*
Pakistan has not seen worst economic poverty in 70 years. Modiji has successfully isolated Pakistan in the world.
*Tenth victory 2.*
One thing is not understood ,,,
In 2014, Congress Defense Minister A.K. Anthony said that the country was poor and that we could not get even a small jet, Rafel .But Modi. ..Sorted millions of crores of Iran debt of the previous government.
The Rafel Deal with France was also completed, and today the world’s most sophisticated missile system is also taken from Russia, the S-400.
After all, where did the country’s money go at that time?
*Eleventh victory*
Army gets bullet proof Scorpio shield for army in Jammu and Kashmir
*12th External success*
Let me tell you now what has happened in the development of India in these 6-7 years.
It ranks 6th in the economy, behind France.

*Thirteenth victory*
Ranked 4th in the auto market, surpassing Germany.
*Fourteenth victory*
It is the 3rd largest producer of electricity, surpassing Russia.
*Fifteenth victory.*
Ranked No. 2 in textile production, surpassing Italy.
*Sixteenth victory*
Ranked No. 2 in mobile production, surpassing Vietnam.
*Seventeenth victory*
It is the No. 2 steel producer in the world, surpassing Japan.
*Eighteenth Victory*
It is the No. 1 sugar producer in the world, surpassing Brazil.
This is called the Modi era.
Terrorists in the Modi government are being wiped out the Kashmir Valley. Lashkar-e-Taiba militant Naveed Jat killed Two Hizbul militants were killed. They went into Pakistani territory with a surgical strike and wiped out their camps.

This is the Modi Raj formula.

All sorts of dubious tactics by opponents against Modi ,are being plotted to defeat Modi in 2024 .
Let us all pledge together to make our Bharti Pujari successful with a huge majority, that number should be recorded in the Guinness Book, which no one can touch.
📌 One request …
Every person who reads this should spread the word all over the world that the prestige of *India* is spreading all over the world.
// Collected from Facebook Post @ as on 25th January, 2022 //
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