Want to start Own small business, Where should I start?, iiQ8 Business

This is easy!

Want to start Own small business, Where should I start?, iiQ8 Business

  1. Learn to sell
  2. Learn basic company financing
  3. Understand business credit
  4. Understand your weaknesses
  5. Learn how to hire great people
  6. Learn to leverage your time

Most of this you can learn on the fly, But learn to sell, like today. This will pay dividends over the years.

Understanding company finances is important. Just because you did $100k in sales and you have $150k in the bank doesn’t mean you actually have that money, you might even be bankrupt! Learn about cash flows, Balance sheets etc.

Business credit, most companies owners don’t know, you will only find this out once you start to really grow as a business and realized it is holding you back, its dead easy to learn, head to youtube.

Understanding what you are bad at now, will prevent you from crashing your businesses for dumb reasons. Its important to know what you are bad at, and to see if those failing will harm your business.

Never be the smartest in the room!. This is like the exact opposite of every small business in the US and that is why they are small, you are only as strong as your weakest link. If you don’t hire smarter than yourself you will never grow.

Leveraging of time!

Learn to disconnect yourself from the revenue of the company, If you are the ‘closer’ in the company you only have 24 hours in a day, you will never grow. Always learn to leverage your time

Finally, just get on a launch!

If you would like me to make a dedicated video about this answer, going into detail about it, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and request it on any of my videos I will respond and make it- Promise!

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