Update New Passport Details to Renew Residency, iiQ8, Change Passport Online Kuwait Iqama

How to update New Passport Details to Renew Residency? iiQ8, Change Passport Online Kuwait Iqama
If you want to Update the Passport Details to renew the Residency online
Please follow the below steps :
Open the Ministry of Interior Website


Click – Home
Click – E-Services
Select – Gen. Dept. of Residency
Look for ” Renew Residency” in sidebar
Select – Individual (For Family Visas)
– Companies (For Company Visas)
– Government (For Government Visas)


You can use the same User ID and Password to login, If you have registered through our phone App previously.


If you Don’t have Login details / not yet registeredPlease click here to Register
Once you login you can see the below details

Select ” UPDATE PASSPORT INFO ” to the required person.

Once you choose, you will have the below screen to update, Kindly FILL the all required information and attach the files required.

Such as :

Owner Civil ID
Owner Name
Resident Governorate ( Choose your Governorate)
Old Passport Number
Old Passport Nationality
New Passport Number
New Passport Nationality
New Passport Issue Date
New Passport Expiry Date
Mobile Number
Upload the files below : ( All names of Uploaded files should be in English and in “jpg” , “jpeg” , “gif” , “png” Format
Civil ID FrontSide Copy
Civil ID BackSide Copy
Previous Passport Copy
New Passport Copy
Additional Page
Once you complete the above steps
Select ” SUBMIT

You Have Updated the New Passport Details online Successfully. You Can renew the residency online as below ( First Pay  Health Insurance Online, Then Renew the Residency Online).

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