Travelers to Kuwait must update Immune app to return, iiQ8

The Ministry of Health advised incoming GCC citizens and visitors from other countries to Kuwait to update online registration of vaccination certificates issued abroad. Management Information System Director at the Ministry of Health Ahmad Al-Ghareeb said in a statement to KUNA that travelers coming to Kuwait, after data entering and uploading vaccination certificates, could authenticate the certificates by uploading the request on Immune application via Apple or Play Google.
The updating enables arrivals to activate Immune app ahead of coming to Kuwait and that is by entering the passport number and the previously used e-mail for registration. He (or she) will get at the end of the process a verification code for updating the app ahead of arrival in the country.
Kuwait’s health ministry had announced on Monday that a new update is available for the ‘Immune’ application that allows users to add their vaccine information and COVID-19 test results for one or six companions. Al-Ghareeb said in a press release that this update helps accessibility for transportation and travelling, especially for civilians and residents, and those who do not own a smartphone, whether they are children or domestic workers.
Immune app is an electronic application developed by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait – Information system department and the app aims to provide the certificate of vaccination for COVID-19 issued by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. Immune app is a Free app.
The application administration collects information provided by the user, which includes, but is not limited to, Civil ID, phone number, or any other data that the user may provide or that can be used to determine his identity. This app is not directly dealing with COVID-19 related efforts of diseases management like laboratory related events, healthcare plans etc.
On the contrary, it is only for providing an electronic certificate of vaccination of COVID-19 which will be used by the Ministry of Health and other governmental authorization in managing the vaccinated persons for the purpose of travel, or visit to other public locations like shopping malls, religious places, schools, etc. – KUNA.

It is an electronic application affiliated with the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.
The application aims to provide a certificate of vaccination for Covid-19 issued by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

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October 7, 2021 3:43 PM

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