Technical Team Formed to Audit COVID-19 vaccination Certificates , iiQ8

Kuwait City, 8th July 2021:
Technical Team Formed to Audit COVID-19 vaccination Certificates , iiQ8
A technical team has been formed to audit the documents and certificates of Covid-19 vaccination issued from abroad to citizens and residents.
After uploading the documents on the website the technical team designated for this will ensure the validity of the vaccination certificate.
An electronic statement will be sent to the concerned person, after checking the certificate, approving the certificate, and completing its documentation procedures.

Those who are traveling from India, should make sure that the word Astrazeneca is added to the word Covishield, orelse the system here doesn’t work identify it in Kuwait mosafer app.
This matter was discussed in detail at the Open House by the Ambassador.
In the app, to the question whether vaccinated with AstraZeneca, one must answer YES.
Additionally one must get AstraZeneca added to the vaccination certificate.
We need to follow the local rules and guidelines.
The app will only accept and recognize AstraZeneca mentioned under the vaccine category.
Different countries may have different names for the same vaccine which is patented by AstraZeneca.
Technical issue in the app will not recognize if AstraZeneca does not appear against the vaccine name.

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July 8, 2021 11:14 AM

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