Service Transition Process Overview in ITIL – ITIL Course

Service Transition

Process Overview                                                                                          
Processe within   Servic Transition   are   mostly   containe within   the   Service
Transition phase but there are also processes used throughout the Service lifecycle.
Processes carriedout in Service Transition are:
•              Transition Planning and Support: Assiston handling high volumes of change and releases.
•   Change  Management:  Responds  to  changing  customer  requirements  and
Requests for Change.
•              Service  Asset and Configuration  Management:  Manage  service  assets  and configuration items.
•              Release  and Deployment  Management:  Provide  a holistic  approach  to the release of changedor new services.
•              Service  Testing  and  Validation:  Testing  and  validating  new  or  changed services to establish confidence for the change.
•              Evaluation: Assessingthe performance  of a changedservice in a consistent and standardized manner.
•              Knowledge  Management:  Provide reliable information  to improve the quality of management’s decision-making.
Activities carried out in Service Transitionare:
•              Organizational and stakeholder Change: Organizations will change inevitably, reflecting the holistic natureof change that organizations will experience due to modern innovations.
              Communications:    Deliver   sufficien and   prompt   understanding    of   the implications, benefitsand usage of IT services.

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