Return of Domestic Workers travel cost finalized to 350 KD, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 22nd November 2020:
Return of Domestic Workers travel cost finalized to 350 KD, iiQ8
Ticket pricing for domestic workers returning from India, SriLanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines
The pricing of tickets for flights coming into Kuwait from 5 main destinations India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines have been fixed. The meetings held between Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the management of Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways concluded that the prices of the tickets, institutional quarantine, meals and PCR examination will be fixed to KD 350 per person in order to reduce the cost of Kuwaiti Citizens who want their domestic workers to return.
The prices agreed for the ticket will be KD 110 for those coming from India, KD 145 for those coming in from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh and KD 200 for those returning from the Philippines. Unlike what has been witnessed for those returning from Dubai, ticket price of KD 70 was increased to more than KD 400 per passenger.
The ticket prices of domestic workers due to unpredictable market conditions would rise significantly, especially as the quantity of seats available is very less, it has been restricted by the country’s health authorities to 600 seats per day reports Al Rai. It is expected around 80,000 domestic workers will take advantage of this with gradual restart of flight operations.
In addition, the sources confirmed that there is a pivotal factor that contributed to the success of fixing the prices of return tickets from these destinations, regular round trips for those wishing to leave Kuwait and return of domestic workers which will eliminate the high cost by operating these flights.
Source – Arab Times

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