Pre-Book your COVID Test at Hyderabad Airport for International Arrivals, iiQ8 info

Pre-Book your COVID Test at Hyderabad Airport for International Arrivals, iiQ8 info
RT-PCR Test Cost Rs. 750/- (Wait Time 6 Hours)
Rapid PCR Test Cost Rs. 3900/- (Wait Time 2 Hours)
For all arriving International Passengers
NABL & ICMR Accreditation
Waiting Lounge
24 Hour Operational
Payment Details RTPCR Amount ₹ 750.00
RTPCR Report Time : 6 Hours
Additional Amount for Rapid PCR (Optional) ₹ 3,150.00
Name as per passport / Age / Gender
Phone / Email / Passport Number / Address / City or Town / Nationality / Fully Vaccinated
Travel Origin Country / Flight Number / Seat Number / Arrival Date * / Select Date
Pre Book Covid Test
With the emergence of new variant of Covid-19(omicron) the government has issued new guidelines in an attempt to control the spread of this new variant. Under these guidelines RT-PCR test is made mandatory for people travelling from any of the high risk countries. This test will be done on arrival at RGIA, Hyderabad. To ease this process for you, we urge you to pre book your on- arrival Covid-19 test.
Steps :
• Pre Fill the personal details required
• Complete the process by paying online.
Note : RT PCR : 6 hours / Rapid PCR : 2 hours
Contact Us: / 18001024595
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Good news for NRI coming to Hyderabad and foreigners! corona Test Early Booking Start.
In the wake of the Omikran variant outbreak, precautions are being taken at all airports across the country. Covid tests are mandatory for those who come from eleven countries especially in the Atrisk category. After foreign passengers landed at the airport, registering for RTPCR exam and giving samples will be waited there until the report arrives. But it’s taking a long time before this shit is over. With this, passengers are waiting in crowds for Covid tests at Delhi airport. Preliminary testing has been arranged at Hyderabad airport to remove these kind of problems.
Online booking process has been launched for advance RTPCR exams for the convenience of passengers. Test slot can be pre-booked via the airport website
Which country are you coming from after logging into websites.. When will they reach Hyderabad, whether they are vaccinated or other things have to be told in advance. Rs for rt pcr exam 750, Rs for Rapid RT PCR exam Online payment upto 3900 According to this, as soon as we landed at the airport, we gave samples directly.. Waiting for the result is enough. Waiting times at the airport will be reduced by pre-booking for a Covid test online.
5th December 2021, Omicron Variant COVID-19 Updates world wide confirmed and suspected, iiQ8
Waiting arrangements
After giving samples for the test, it takes 6 hours for RTPCR report and 2 hours for the rapid RTPCR test.
Special waiting arrangements have also been made to allow passengers to stay comfortable at the airport until reports arrive.

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6th December 2021, Omicron Variant COVID-19 Updates world wide report, iiQ8