Philippines suspends flights due to new virus variant, iiQ8 info

Kuwait City, 27th November 2021:
Philippines suspends flights due to new virus variant, iiQ8 info
Philippines suspends flights from countries with new virus variant 🇵🇭
The #Philippines suspends inbound flights from South Africa, Botswana, & other countries with cases or ‘with the likelihood of occurrences’ of the new #coronavirus variant B.1.1.529. #Covid19.
Live updates: 🧬🦠🚨 on new coronavirus variant
◾️Philippines suspends flights from countries with new virus variant..
◾️EU states agree to suspend travel to southern Africa
◾️Morocco bans travellers from seven southern African states
◾️Guatemala to restrict southern African travelers
◾️Swiss gov’t bans travel from southern Africa
◾️Brazil’s Bolsonaro dismisses call for COVID travel curbs

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◾️UK COVID genomics head says new variant likely to come to UK
◾️EU states agree to halt travel over new coronavirus variant
◾️South African official says WHO will designate variant as “of concern”
◾️US stocks fall sharply on new strain
◾️Italy imposes entry ban on eight southern African states
◾️Belgium detects first case of new strain in Europe
◾️Shanghai curbs tourism over new COVID-19 cases
◾️Israel bans arrivals from most African countries
◾️Morocco bans travellers from South Africa
◾️South Africa sport shutting down over new variant
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26th November 2021, Kuwait Corona Update today, iiQ8, COVID-19

Countries Shut Borders Over New COVID-19 Variant , iiQ8

India to Resume International Flights from 15th December 2021, iiQ8

WHO declares new coronavirus strain ‘variant of concern’ ! WHO has named it #Omicron 🦠
The WHO designated the new strain as a variant “of concern,” the fifth variant to be given the designation.
The organisation said in a statement that it had assigned the B.1.1.529 variant the Greek letter Omicron.