Pakistan petrol price hike by 40% stirs public anger

Pakistan, 4th June 2022:

#Pakistan petrol price hike by 40% stirs public anger

Fuel prices at record levels as government tries to revive $6b IMF bailout package

Pakistan government abruptly raised petrol prices by another 20 per cent or Rs. 30 per litre on Friday, putting further pressure on the common people already facing the highest inflation.

With the second price hike, the fuel prices in Pakistan have gone up by 40 per cent or Rs60 per litre in one week. The first fuel price rise of Rs. 30 was announced on May 27th.

Hundreds of panicked drivers and bikers rushed to petrol pumps and waited in long lines to fill up their car tanks before the new prices were to be implemented.


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June 4, 2022 5:25 PM

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