ONE YEAR OF MODI 2.0, Towards a Self-Reliant India, iiQ8

ONE YEAR OF MODI 2.0, Towards a Self-Reliant India – iiQ8

The Government had taken several important decisions which transformed India like never before. Foremost among them being the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, thus fulfilling the decades-old demand of the nation.

= Takes briefings from Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary to PM, Health Secretary, Home Secretary on a daily basis.
= Interacts with over 150 people daily
= Meetings to review Financial, Agriculture, Education, Civil Aviation, Power sectors.
= Regularly calls over phone and personally interacts with doctors, nurses, health workers, sanitation workers, COVID-19 patients and those who recovered.
= The Prime Minister also held separate Video Conferences with the various Heads of Indian Missions abroad.
= Holds meetings with various stakeholders on a daily basis on various aspects of the spread of CoronaVirus and fighting the COVID-19
= Held meetings with representatives of Print Media, TV Channels, Radio Jockeys, Religious Leaders, NGOs/Civil Society Organisations
= Interacts with the Ministers on a daily basis and takes regular feedback from them on Corona Virus related issues = Held Video Conferences with Doctors and Medical Professionals.
& MANY MORE ……..


خود کفیل بھارت کی جانب- مودی کے دوسرے دور کا پہلا سال


نئی دہلی،31 مئی، 2020،        پچھلے ایک سال کے دوران مودی کے دوسرے دور حکومت میں کئے گئے فیصلوں کی مکمل تفصیل – بھارت کی تاریخ میں ایک فیصلہ کن مدت اور نئے بھارت ، درخشاں بھارت کا آغاز۔

انگریزی میں مودی 2.0 کتابچہ ایک سالہ کتابچہ دیکھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کیجیے۔

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MODI 2.0ના એક વર્ષ – આત્મનિર્ભર ભારત તરફ


ગત એક વર્ષમાં મોદી સરકાર2.0 દ્વારા લેવાયેલા વિભિન્ન નિર્ણયોનો એક સારાંશ,ભારતીય ઇતિહાસમાં એક વિશેષ સમયગાળો અને એક નવા ભારત, એક ઉજ્વવળ ભારતનું નિર્માણ.
MODI 2.0ના એકવર્ષના સરવૈયાની બુકલેટ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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