Non-Beginner Yoga Deal. Try 14 Days For $29, LIVE Online Or In-Studio, Or Both

Unlimited entry to any non-beginner class LIVE online or in-studio

LIVE online classes for anywhere, or in-studio at the best Darwin yoga space. Get the largest timetable, & try our top yoga territory style. For Flametree Yoga Studio Darwin newcomers, or those who are lapsed 6 months. Try the best range of Darwin yoga and meditation options. You get unlimited non-beginner classes for 2 weeks for just $29.

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This deal lets you do classes LIVE ONLINE, or IN-STUDIO, or both.

For 14 days, you can do unlimited non-beginner classes. You get access to any Flametree class except Beginner classes.

There are many advantages of attending LIVE (online or in-studio) classes. In particular, you will be more motivated, and will learn more, It’s also easier to get around to doing yoga when you do it with others. In turn, you’ll get a lot more of the huge range of benefits that high quality yoga delivers.

Summary of this NON-BEGINNER deal

  • Non-beginners: $29 for 14 days of any non-beginner level class (one pass only).
  • Students must be totally new to Flametree, or lapsed for 6 months.
  • Another option is the unlimited beginner class deal. It has a two week free trial, plus online or in-studio options.
  • Once you have a $29 non-beginner pass, see the non-beginner timetable, or reserve a class to attend
  • Once you reserve an online class, the ZOOM link will be emailed to you. Below, there’s more about how to set up for online classes.
  • You can also just turn up to an in-the-studio class. Then buy this pass, or other passes, with cash or EFTPOS at the studio. To attend a class, check out the non-beginner timetable at the reservations app
  • With this pass you get LIVE online classes, or in-the-studio, or both
  • Choose and try any mix of 4 different non-beginner levels: Transition to Intermediate (for right after Beginner level), Intermediate (Level 1), Experienced (Level 2), & Advanced (Level 3).
  • To check your skills, try Transition to Intermediate… the lowest level non-beginner classes.
  • At the studio, all equipment is supplied. To do yoga at home, you just need comfortable, sports clothes, & a non-slippery surface. Or learn more here about household furniture yoga props.

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Types of classes and options at Flametree Yoga Studio Darwin

Check out best yoga territory options, at the best Darwin yoga and meditation space.

You can attend any mix of Flametree’s class levels and options, such as:

Why Flametree Yoga is the best option for a Darwin yoga space

Flametree is owned an managed by Chris Lalor, a certified Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She has over 12,000 hours of teacher training, and has been teaching for 25 years.

  • All classes also give you individual tips to improve your yoga, and maximise its benefits for you
  • Flametree teaches high quality yoga in the Iyengar style.
  • The teachers have a compassionate, friendly approach, and provide alternatives to suit your level.
  • Please be considerate towards other students and come to a class that is at or close to a level that suits your current skills.
  • As you probably know, at each and every level of yoga, you can do poses to whatever is your ability, so there’s plenty to get from whatever level of classes you attend.
  • The teaching is based on whoever attends the actual class. Alternative poses will also be provided so best individuals in any particular class.

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Easy steps to set up for non-beginner yoga online classes … in yoga territory style

Doing online classes needs the quick, once-only set up below. Once you’re set up, all you do is reserve the online class you want.

To get your once-only set up done:

  1. Get the ZOOM Client app on your computer, phone, iPad. (Bigger screens, like a laptop, are best).
  2. Reserve your beginner class via the links at .
  3. At class time, follow the beginner class link that you’ll get emailed, as soon as you reserve the class.
  4. Set up the camera, on your phone or PC, so the teacher can see you. (Leave your camera off if you prefer, but then the teacher can’t give you feedback).

If you need, contact our Customer Service Team. They can take you through any of the above steps. The team contacts are also on the bottom right of this page.

Try the best option for a Darwin yoga space.

Get started at the best yoga space in Darwin

If you can’t get to class, yoga videos are another option. Try yoga territory style from anywhere, anytime.

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