New Rules For Foreign Arrivals, No RT-PCR Test For Flight, No Quarantine

Kuwait City, 10th February 2022:

New Rules For Foreign Arrivals: No RT-PCR Test For Flight, No Quarantine

According to the new guidelines, all foreign arrivals must fill a self-declaration form (available at the Air Suvidha web portal), including a travel history of the past 14 days.

The government on Thursday revised guidelines for international arrivals, removing the category of ‘at risk’ countries – introduced when the Omicron Covid variant emerged – and also recommending self-monitoring of 14 days for symptoms against the current seven days of home quarantine.

The new guidelines will come into effect from Monday, February 14, the Union Health Ministry said.

The ministry stressed the “need to monitor the continuously changing” COVID-19 virus but also acknowledged that “economic activities need to be taken up in an unhindered manner”.

According to the new guidelines, all foreign arrivals must fill a self-declaration form online (available at the Air Suvidha web portal), including a travel history of the past 14 days.

They must also upload a negative RT-PCR test that was conducted within 72 hours of the travel date.

Alternatively, they can also upload a certificate confirming they have received both vaccine doses.

This option, however, is only available for passengers arriving from 72 countries whose vaccination programmes the Indian government recognises as part of a reciprocal programme.

These countries include Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, and some European nations.

“Airlines (will) allow boarding (of) only those passengers who have filled in all the information in the self-declaration form… and uploaded the negative RT-PCR test report or COVID-19 vaccination certificate…” the Health Ministry has said.


Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to board, and Covid-appropriate behaviour, including the use of face masks and practicing of social distancing, must be followed during the flight.

On arrival, in addition to thermal screening, passengers selected at random (up to two per cent of total passengers per flight) will be asked to undergo RT-PCR tests.

Passengers will be selected by the airline and must “preferably” be from different countries.

Passengers found to be symptomatic will be immediately quarantined and tested, with contact tracing carried out if they are found to be Covid-positive.

All other passengers must self-monitor for 14 days for any Covid symptoms, the Health Ministry said.

Daily cases have slowed since, prompting many states and cities, including Mumbai and Delhi, to ease restrictions and try to recover lost economic growth.

This morning 67,084 Covid cases were reported in 24 hours – a marginal decrease from the more than 71,000 reported yesterday. India’s active caseload is now at 7.9 lakh.


List of Countries/Regions in respect of which primary vaccination schedule completion certificate is allowed to be uploaded.   As on 10th February 2022
1 Albania
2 Andorra
3 Angola
4 Antigua & Barbuda
5 Australia
6 Austria
7 Azerbaijan
8 Bangladesh
9 Bahrain
10 Belarus
11 Botswana
12 Bulgaria
13 Canada
14 Cambodia
15 Chile
16 Columbia
17 Commonwealth of Dominica
18 Costa Rica
19 Croatia
20 Cuba
21 Cyprus
22 Denmark
23 Estonia
24 Finland
25 Georgia
26 Grenada
27 Guatemala
28 Guyana
29 Hong Kong
30 Hungary
31 Iceland
32 Iran

33 Ireland
34 Israel
35 Kazakhstan
36 Kyrgyzstan
37 Latvia
38 Lebanon
39 Liechtenstein
40 Malaysia
41 Maldives
42 Mali
43 Mauritius
44 Mexico
45 Moldova
46 Mongolia
47 Myanmar
48 Namibia
49 Nepal
50 New Zealand
51 Netherlands
52 Nicaragua
53 North Macedonia

54 Oman
55 Paraguay
56 Panama
57 Portugal
58 Philippines
59 Qatar
60 Romania
61 St. Kitts and Nevis
62 San Marino
63 Saudi Arabia
64 Serbia
65 Sierra Leone
66 Singapore
67 Slovak Republic
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68 Slovenia
69 Spain
70 Sri Lanka
71 State of Palestine
72 Sweden
73 Switzerland
74 Thailand
75 The United Kingdom
76 Trinidad & Tobago
77 Turkey
78 Ukraine
79 United States of America
80 Venezuela
81 Vietnam
82 Zimbabwe

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