Muscat Bus Route1A, Muscat Oman Public Transport, iiQ8 Al Mabilah Bus Station to Muscat Int’l Airport

Al Mabilah Bus Station to Muscat International Airport, Muscat Bus Route, Muscat Oman Public Transport, iiQ8,

1A Al Mabilah
Bus station
Int’l Airport
Every 40 mins 500 Baisa


Route  A1  طخ
Daily  ايموي
From  Al Mabelah TO Muscat Intenation Airport – Ruwi يور – لىودلا طقسم راطم لىا ةليبعملا نم
Stops فقوتلا طاقن
Al Mabelah ةليبعملا
Al Seeb_1 1_بيسلا
Al Khoudh Park ضوخلا ةزتنم
Al Hail – A_1 1_أ – ليحلا
Al Mawaleh_1 1_حلاوملا
Burj Al Sahwa – East قرش – ةوحصلا جرب
Muscat Int’l Airport – Old Terminal-1 1 – ميدقلا ىنبملا – يلودلا طقسم راطم
Muscat Int. Airport يلودلا طقسم راطم
Mwasalat (Ghala) تلاصاوم – لاغ
Oman LNG_1 1_لاسملا زاغلل ةينامعلا ةكرشلا
Al Azaiba – South ةيبونجلا – ةبيذعلا
Oman Oil Bus Stop_1 1_نامع طفن تلافاح ةطحم
Omantel Bus Station – Al Khuwair _1 1_لتنامع تلافاح ةطحم – ريوخلا
Sarooj Bridge_1 1_جوراصلا رسج
Sarooj – B ب – جوراصلا
Qurum_1 1_مرقلا
Wataiyah_1 1_ةيطولا
Wadi Adei – A_1 1_أ – يدع يداو راود
Al Hamriya Roundabout_1 1_ةيرمحلا راود
Ruwi Bus station يور تلافاح ةطحم

Muscat Bus Route1A, Muscat Oman Public Transport, iiQ8

Mwasalat offering public transport services within Muscat, From this place different routes are run to Wadi Adei, Wadi Kabir, Mabelah, Muttrah and Al Alamerat,Mwasalat launched Public Transport Services in Within Wilayat Suhar and Salalah, The new routes intended to serve ports, hospitals,  airports, as well as health and educational institutions according to the following table:
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– All routes running on daily service. 

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