Ministry of Justice MOJ, Kuwait, iiQ8

Ministry of Justice MOJ, Kuwait, iiQ8

Contact Information of Ministry of Justice MOJ, Kuwait.
Phone Number: 22480000 (int: 0096522480000)
Phone Number: 22486208 (int: 0096522486208)
Phone Number: 22486248 (int: 0096522486248)
Phone Number: 22486256 (int: 0096522486256)
WhatsApp Number: 97315005 (int: 0096597315005)
Fax Number: 22461713 (int: 0096522461713)

Twitter: Kuwaitmoj

In the Ministry of Justice’s constant endeavor to develop and update the services provided, while providing privacy and confidentiality of data and information, the Ministry will add a secret code for the data retrieval service using the civil number, and accordingly:
1. In the event that you are subscribed to the text messaging system, please go to the personal query service and a message containing a code will be sent Activation and then completing the rest of the steps.
2. In the event that you are not subscribed to the text messaging service, please do the following:
A- Go to a court (judicial inquiry) or one of the service centers to submit a request to subscribe to the text messages by signing a declaration for that.
B- Click here to complete the steps to subscribe to the service.
3. Stop the civil number inquiry service as of 6/18/2017 for non-subscribers, and after this date, the query will only be allowed using the user code and password.
For more information: 22486248 during working hours.

Address of Ministry of Justice MOJ, Kuwait.

Kuwait Kuwait
Capital Governorate
Ministries Complex

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