Ministry of Interior MOI, Kuwait, iiQ8

Ministry of Interior MOI, Kuwait, iiQ8

The Ministry of Interior (Arabic:وزارة الداخلية الكويتية) is one of the governmental bodies of Kuwait. Its minister in charge is a member of the Cabinet of Kuwait.

Branches of Ministry of Interior in Kuwait
MOI – Mubarak Al Kabeer Service Center – Kuwait
Address :
Mubarak Al Kabir Governorate
Mubarak Al Kabeer
Block 4
Street 252
Near Mubarak Al Kabeer Police Station

MOI – Andalus & Riggae Service Center (Administration of Farwaniya Governorate) – Kuwait
Address :
Farwaniya Governorate
Block 11
Between Street 101 and Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan
Al Nhayan Street (5th Ring Road)
Near Andalus & Riggae Police Station

MOI – Sabhan Service Center – Kuwait
Mubarak Al Kabir Governorate
Sixth Ring Road
Ministry of Defense Services Complex

Contact Information of Ministry of Interior MOI – Kuwait
Twitter: moi_kuw
Instagram: moi_kuw

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