Ministry of Finance MOF, Kuwait, iiQ8

Ministry of Finance MOF, Kuwait, iiQ8

About the Ministry
It is one of the ministerial formation bodies of the administrative apparatus of the country in which the executive general management of public financial affairs in the State of Kuwait is entrusted to the overall meaning, as it oversees the public treasury, state properties (public and private), and in the areas of international economic cooperation, monetary investment, and compensation projects. It also provides important services for public hospitality, housing for state employees, integrated financial systems services, public storage and purchasing systems and other development mechanism systems for all financial sectors in the state apparatus.
In addition to preparing the draft general budgets, preparing the final accounts of the state, laying down the rules for implementing them, monitoring their oversight, and supervising the state’s revenues, including tax, financial stamps and their expenses, in particular, by decree in the Ministry of Finance for the year 1986. And Decree Law No. 31 of 1978 and No. 105 of 1980.

P.O. Box: 9 Safat – 13001 Kuwait

Address of Ministry of Finance MOF, Kuwait.
Kuwait Kuwait
Capital Governorate
Ministries Complex

Contact Information of Ministry of Finance MOF, Kuwait.
Phone Number: 22480000 (int: 0096522480000)
Facebook: Ministry-of-Finance-Kuwait
Twitter: mofkw
Instagram: mofkw
YouTube: MOFKW

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