Ministry of Education MOE, Kuwait, iiQ8

Ministry of Education MOE, Kuwait, iiQ8

Welcome to the Ministry of Education
The education movement started in Kuwait with the founding of the Mubarakiya school, and then this movement began to expand with an increase in citizens’ appetite for education. After the success of the education process, the knowledge departments began to define the academic stages in schools, so they established the first secondary school in Kuwait in Shuwaikh in 1953, and the first secondary school for girls is secondary Al-Mirqab, established in 1959, and the girls ’study before this school has been in the tribal school since 1956.


Ministry of Education – Kuwait Building
Road 80
Shuwaikh Industrial Area 7
Kuwait City
Safat 13001
REGION : Al Assimah

Branches of Ministry of Education in Kuwait
Ministry of Education MOE – Headquarter – Kuwait
Hawally Governorate, Ministries Area.
Ministry of Education MOE – Shuwaikh Branch – Kuwait
Capital Governorate, Shuwaikh, Jahra Street.

Contact Information of Ministry of Education MOE, Kuwait.
Phone Number: 24918635 (int: 0096524918635)
Phone Number: 24918637 (int: 0096524918637)
Phone Number: 24918671 (int: 0096524918671)
Phone Number: 24918672 (int: 0096524918672)
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