Ministry of Communications MOC, Kuwait, iiQ8

Ministry of Communications MOC, Shuwaikh, Kuwait, iiQ8

History of the Ministry
The tremendous development that took place in the field of telecommunications, post and telephone in Kuwait came as a result of intensive and fruitful efforts undertaken by successive officials who successively over this facility in order to support and develop the business and services of the Ministry of Communications to serve the Kuwaiti people and push the wheel of progress in the State of Kuwait.
The postal, telegraph and telephone services as a whole represent one of the effective means in any society towards increasing its growth and its continuous progression and diminution, thanks to what these services allow him to communicate between his individuals internally and between them and the outside world.
The Ministry of Communications plays an important and essential role in enriching peoples ’lives and their interconnection and exchanging benefits, ideas and cultures among them. The services provided by the Ministry of Communications have become among the basic standards in measuring the civilized level in our beloved country Kuwait.

 Excellency the Minister Of The State For The National Assembly and Minister of State for Services Affairs
Title  Phone  No  Fax No 
Director of the minister’s office 24840606 24814448
Director of the minister’s technical office 24927353 24998179
Director of the National Assembly and Ministers Council Affairs 248480707
Head Department of Advisors Affairs 24998884 24837610
Head Department of the Automatic Information 24998889 24837610
Head Department of Following up the Committee Affairs Section 24912772
Head Department of Coordination and Following Up 24998882

Address of Ministry of Communication MOC, Kuwait.

Kuwait Kuwait 
Capital Governorate
Shuwaikh, 3rd street
Junction from Jamal Abdul Nasser Street
Beside Kuwait General Administration of Customs

Contact Information of Ministry of Communication MOC, Shuwaikh, Kuwait.
Ministry Of Communications s – Shuwaikh
Tel. # : 24819033
Liberation Tower
Tel. # : 1888123
P.O.Box 318 Kuwait Safat
Zip Code 11111
Phone Number: 1888123 (int: 0096521888123) (Liberation Tower)
Phone Number: 24819033 (int: 0096524819033) (Ministry Of Communications – Shuwaikh)

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