Ministry of Commerce & Industry MOCI, Kuwait

Ministry of Commerce & Industry MOCI, Kuwait

The establishment of the Ministry of Commerce in the State of Kuwait dates back to 1963, when the Emiri Decree on Ministerial Formation issued on January 28, 1963AD included the decision to establish it.
According to the Emiri Decree issued on December 5, 1965, the name of the ministry was changed to (the Ministry of Trade and Industry) and remained in this status until March 3, 1985 AD, where the jurisdiction of trade was transferred to the Ministry of Finance as well as the transfer of industry competence to the Ministry of Oil.
On August 12, 1986 the Emiri Decree was issued regarding the (Ministry of Trade and Industry), whereby the goals and functions of the ministry were defined in an integrated manner.
On July 21, 2015, Emiri Decree No. 191 of 2015 was issued regarding the organization of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which stipulates

Ministry’s message
Creating a business and industrial environment and working to ensure the flow of goods and services while securing a strategic stock permanently and continuously, facilitating commercial work procedures, protecting the consumer and verifying competition terms and preventing monopoly and exaggeration in prices, and working to match goods And services to legal standards.

The organizational structure of the Ministry

The ministry is divided into the following agencies:
1- The auxiliary agency for legal affairs.
2- The auxiliary agency for control and consumer protection affairs.
3- The auxiliary agency for corporate affairs and commercial licenses.
4- Auxiliary Agency for Technical Affairs and Trade Development.
5- The assistant agency for international organizations affairs and foreign trade.
6- Auxiliary Agency for Technical Support and Planning Affairs.
7- The auxiliary agency for financial and administrative affairs.

Contact Information of Ministry of Commerce & Industry MOCI, Kuwait.
Hot Line Number: 135 (int: 00965135)
Phone Number: 22480000 (int: 0096522480000)
Facebook: MOCiQ8
Twitter: mociq8
Instagram: mociq8
YouTube: mociq8

Address of Ministry of Commerce & Industry MOCI

Kuwait Kuwait 
Capital Governorate (Assimah) 
Ministries Complex

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