Kuwait postponed to move Phase-5, Return of Normal Life, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 14th September, 2020:
Kuwait postponed to move Phase-5, Return of Normal Life, iiQ8
The Kuwait government Official Spokesperson Mr. Tariq Al-Muzrim announced that moving to the Phase-5 of return to normal life is postponed until further notice.
Third phase : removal of partial curfew, public and private sector can increase staff till max 50%, hotels and resorts can resume, car rental companies with restriction of one driver per car only, friday prayers
Fourth phase public and private sector to increase staff, restaurants will be allowed to return to seating with social distancing measures, public transportation to resume
Fifth and final phase: 100% of staff of public and private sectors, family gatherings and graduations, clubs and gym to resume, exhibitions, sport activities, cinema, theaters to reopen

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