Kuwait Opening of pre-schools contingent on proof of vaccination, KCHjobs

Kuwait City, 6th June 2021:

Opening of pre-schools contingent on proof of vaccination, KCHjobs

Pre-schools in Gulf state to open and resume business this month

Kuwait City: Preschools in Kuwait are set to open in June provided that each school provides proof that their staff are vaccinated, local media reported. The announcement comes after the COVID-19 Emergency Committee at the Ministry of Health announced last month it had given preschools the green light to resume activity.

Nursery closures
Like schools and universities, pre-schools have been closed over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before the pandemic there were around 500 nurseries across Kuwait. But then in the past year, the Preschool Owners Forum (PFO) reported that 200 nurseries were shut for not adhering to health measures.

In addition, 100 closed their doors as due to economic losses.

While the nursery owners have been suffered losses, so have the 309,138 children between the age of zero and four that reside in Kuwait.

Kindergarten is a pivotal time in a child’s life as they learn developmental and social skills that serve as a foundation for their overall growth.
Although last month the government announced a plan to reopen schools in September, nurseries were not included in the plan as they come under the Ministry of Social Affairs, not the Ministry of Education.


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