Kuwait MOI returns back to work, New procedures for Residence & Traffic Department

Kuwait MOI returns back to work, New procedures for Residence & Traffic Department
• Transfer of residence
• Stamping of residence for first time
• Renewing/issuing new driving licenses
• Transfer of vehicles
KUWAIT, June 27:
The Ministry of the Interior announced new measures implementation with return of work from 30.06.2020 Tuesday, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
This decision comes in compliance with the Council of Ministers regarding the safe return to normal life in stages in its continuation of the efforts made by the Ministry of Interior to limit the spread of the epidemic and maintain the safety of citizens and residents.
The administration added that the citizens’ who visit the ministries should adhere to the preventive health instructions and maintain social distancing by wearing face masks while visiting the ministry offices.
A prior appointment will be needed by booking it online through the

website starting from 28.06.2020 Sunday. Carrying Civil ID card is mandatory for cross verification.
There are no printing services for the required documents, and that all services and forms are done electronically at the reception.
The following transactions will be allowed for visitors:
1- Residence affairs affairs related to domestic workers according to Article (20), and they include
• First-time residency status for entry features that entered the country and the residency status requirements have been completed.
• Transferring residency from one sponsor to another.
• Notifications of absence.
2- Traffic Transactions:
• Issuing licenses for the first time for those who have passed the driving test.
• Renewing licenses.
• Issuance of a driving form for citizens
• Issuance of a driving form for domestic workers Article (20) for the driver.
• Vehicle renewal.
• Transferring vehicle ownership. Paying traffic violations.
3-Judgment execution transactions.

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June 28, 2020 11:08 AM

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