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Kuwait City, 7th July 2021:

MOI: Issue Instructions To Use Firearms To Control Violent Persons

Kuwait The new instruction stipulates that each patrol vehicle must have two officers when sent out on duty, & they must be armed at all times while on patrol.

First: Rules for the security patrol going out:-

◾️ The patrol must be with two policemen, & it is not allowed to only have one individual.

◾️ Policemen on patrol must be equipped with all supplies including handcuffs, batons, firearms & ammunition.

◾️ Policemen on patrol must be vigilant & cautious, & should be strict with any action that may violate law & order.

◾️ Policemen on patrol must have good military leadership & treat the public well.

Second: Rules for using firearms:-

Comply with instructions & special orders to use firearms mentioned in item (2) of ministerial decision 727/2019 as per the following situations:

◾️ To arrest a convicted individual in a felony case.

◾️ To arrest a suspect in a felony or misdemeanor case if they resist or try to escape.

◾️ To arrest a suspect who has an arrest warrant against them, if they resist or attempt to escape.

◾️ To arrest a prisoner who attempts to escape.

◾️ To break up gatherings of seven & more, held with the purpose of committing a crime or endangering individuals’ lives & properties, in case the gathering does not disperse after being warned, & attempts to disperse them by other means fails.

In case of self-defense.

◾️ When dealing with hysterical individuals or those suffering from bouts of anger that may cause loss of self-control, self-harm or harm to others, be it in a public or private place.

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