Kuwait Government epidemic situation is stable, iiQ8 News #Omicron

Kuwait City, 2nd December 2021:
Kuwait Government epidemic situation is stable, iiQ8 News
The epidemic situation in Kuwait is stable, the government affirmed Monday but urged the public to remain vigilant after the emergence of new coronavirus variant, known as Omicron, in several countries.
Coronavirus committee would continue its meetings to follow up & reassess the situation after reports about the AWARENESS, HIGHLIGHTS, POSTS BY PAGE detection of the Omicron variant in the region & the world.
Urged Citizens & Residents to take the booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine & to abide by the relevant health requirements.
Health Minister assured the committee that the situation is Aft stable thanks to the efforts exerted by the ministry & all IV government ministries & bodies to implement the cabinet decisions & recommendations to counter the coronavirus spread.
The committee reviewed the reports from other government Ip bodies about their views of the situation & assessment of the public abidance by health measures.
Called on all Citizens & Residents to abide by coronavirus preventive measures, especially wearing facemasks & taking the vaccine.
Fully vaccinated people can get the booster shot at the vaccination centers without prior appointments.

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December 2, 2021 1:48 PM

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