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Kuwait City, 17th November 2021:
Kuwait bans 100 expats, including Lebanese, from renewing residency permits!
Most are Lebanese, while others are from Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Kuwait on Tuesday asked 100 expatriate residents, a majority of them Lebanese, to leave the country immediately after their residency permits expire, local media reported.
The State Security Authority had earlier put the names of 100 expatriates on the black list who are prevented from renewing their residency visas.
According to security sources, the majority of the black listed expatriates are Lebanese, while the remaining are from Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt.

The source said: “Some of these Lebanese or their first and second-degree relatives are suspected of belonging to Hezbollah. Among them are some who were convicted of money laundering and sensitive security issues.
“Some of Lebanese expatriates on the black list were spotted after trying to renew their residency permits illegally. They were asked to leave soon along with their families,” he added.
The new move is the latest in a series of measures taken by Kuwait as part of its big crack down on Lebanese expatriates linked to Hezbollah.
Six days ago, Kuwait suspended issuing all kinds of visas to Lebanese citizens in the wake of a diplomatic row with the GCC countries following the remarks by the Lebanese Minister of Information against the Saudi-led alliance in Yemen.
Kuwait also added Lebanon to the list of countries to which the transfer of charity donations is banned.
The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry has asked the Ministry of Social Affairs to put on hold all requests from charity associations seeking to conduct financial transfers to Lebanon on humanitarian grounds.
Source: Gulfnews

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November 17, 2021 7:54 AM

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