Kuwait approves return of stranded expat farm labourers, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 4th July 2021:
Kuwait approves return of stranded expat farm labourers, iiQ8
Return of 200,000 workers set to ease farming shortage, boost output, says unionist
A Kuwaiti government committee, in charge of tackling COVID-19, has given the green light to the return of thousands of foreign farm workers, who have been stranded abroad due to the virus-related restrictions.
“This decision supports the agricultural sector and Kuwaiti farmers by helping curb the current shortage in manpower,” head of the Kuwaiti Farmers’ Union Abdullah Al Dammak said.
The return of around 200,000 foreign workers will boost farm output and end a labour black market, he told Al Jarida newspaper.
“Several labourers already working on farms have become immunised after they received the vaccination doses. Those stranded abroad can be quarantined on farms after their return is allowed,” Al Dammak said.
He added that farm owners have in recent months suffered from a shortage of labour that has doubled their wages, a situation promoting several Kuwaitis to stop farming.
Last month, Kuwait said that vaccinated expatriates can enter the country starting August 1, ending a months-long ban on their entry.

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July 4, 2021 9:15 AM

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