Is Google AdSense a scam? , Earning Money from Goolge AdSense, Online Money Earning

Anyhow I’m going to clarify you almost everything related to this, just in case you failed to get me then simply go to google and type “Adsense software udemy”. You will get lots of information about this. At this moment let me describe you clearly.

Google AdSense is a massive third party ad network that lets people buy advertisements through Google AdWords that are then posted on the sites of owners who are enrolled in AdSense.

Of course it is not a scam , the majority of banned accounts are legitimately banned and they deserve it for trying to defraud the system. Other accounts may be banned because of the new Google algorithms rendering them obsolete. But there is still a core of very confused and highly frustrated website owners who get banned for no reason and watch months of work get flushed.

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Is Google AdSense a scam? , Earning Money from Goolge AdSense, Online Money Earning

Well, it lies in the junction of two facts: Google can ban your account if they even suspect a teensy bit that you might have done something to violate their TOS-to the point where it looks random; juxtaposed with the fact that you cannot get paid until you reach a $100.00 threshold and it takes 30 days for you to get paid. Seeing the problem yet?

  • Read the TOS carefully and make sure you avoid doing anything that could get you banned. This not only includes not clicking on your own ads, but also means putting up useful, original content so that Google won’t zap you for being a thief or for taking up space and giving nothing back. If you need help getting content, you can always hire a good writer.
  • Educate yourself on how Google works and make sure your visitors also understand click ad abuse and how to avoid it
  • Keep screenshots of your analytics and use tools to help you track where the clicks are coming from so that you have proof in case you are accused of defrauding the AdSense system

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