Indian PM Modi Orders review of reopening on Omicron COVID-19, iiQ8 News

Kuwait City, 27th November 2021:
Indian PM Modi Orders review of reopening on Omicron COVID-19, iiQ8 News
India’s Modi orders review of reopening on Omicron COVID concerns
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told officials to review plans to ease travel restrictions as concerns rise over the new variant.
The world’s second-worst affected country by the pandemic had only Friday decided to resume international passenger flights from countries deemed “at risk” of the coronavirus, while ordering tightened border screening.
But after the WHO declared the new variant to be “of concern”, Modi “highlighted the need for monitoring all international arrivals, their testing as per guidelines, with a specific focus on countries identified ‘at risk’,” the government said in a statement after he met with officials to review the COVID-19 and vaccination situation.
Modi said people must be more cautious and take proper precautions, such as wearing masks and social distancing. He “spoke about the need to be proactive in light of the new variant,” the statement said.

Live updates: 🧬🦠🚨 The new #Covid19 strain has been named #Omicron by the World Health Organization #WHO
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◾️India’s Modi orders review of reopening on Omicron COVID-19 concerns
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