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Kuwait City, 16th September, 2020:
Online registration for Emergency Certificates (EC) from Indian Embassy in Kuwait. 

Embassy of India


Embassy of India in Kuwait is pleased to inform that the registration drive for Indian travel documents continues to proceed smoothly. The Embassy will contact each of the registered Indian nationals in due course.

2. In the meantime, the Embassy has decided to extend the registration drive to include Indian nationals, who currently hold valid Emergency Certificates (ECs). Thereby, all those without travel documents and those with valid ECs are advised to register by filling in the google form online
or by submitting duly filled-in enclosed application form at the boxes kept at the Embassy Consular Hall and at Indian passport offices in Sharq, Jleeb Al Shuwaikh and Fahaheel. For any queries, please write to
3. It is reiterated that the registration drive is absolutely free of cost and fee for issuing travel documents will be collected at the Embassy counter directly in due course.
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Required information to register online : 

Registration Drive – Embassy of India –  Kuwait
Indian nationals in Kuwait who do not hold valid travel documents and are desirous of returning back to India are advised to register by filling the below form.
Please kindly note the following important points related to issuance of Emergency Certificates (ECs)
1. Emergency Certificate (EC) is a one time travel document issued only for the purpose of entry into India within six months of the date of issuance and issued to such Indian nationals who have become illegal residents in any country and hence face deportation (due to overstay, illegal entry and criminal offences)
2. Indian nationals who are already in possession of a valid travel document need not apply for an EC.
3. With the issuance of an EC, all other travel documents, including the current passport, of the concerned national stand cancelled and these documents cannot be revived under any circumstances
4. Obtaining EC should not be equated with clearances for travel from the concerned local authorities. Individuals facing fines, penalties, legal proceedings or have a travel ban imposed on them by the host country cannot leave the country without obtaining necessary clearances from all the concerned authorities including the Residency Affairs Department and the Airport Immigration Authority, as in the case of the State of Kuwait.
5. Procurement of ECs through false representation (for example, falsely claiming loss of passport) will attract a penalty of RS. 5,000/-
6. Issuance of EC for a second time is limited to exceptional cases and will be subject to submission of a copy of the return air ticket.
For any queries, please write to us at
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Registration Drive
Full Name (in block/capital letters) *
Present address in Kuwait *
If in possession of a citizenship of any other country, please give details
Profession/Occupation *
Visible distinguishing marks, if any
Do you currently hold a valid passport/travel document * Yes /  No
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