Incoming flights to Kuwait, iiQ8, step by Step Plan To Restart

Incoming flights to Kuwait, iiQ8, step by Step Plan To Restart
Kuwait City, 10th September, 2020:
Local Arabic newspaper Al Rai reported that While attention is focused on the government meeting, which will review the list of the 32 countries from which those coming from them are prohibited from entering the country,
“Source learned about a possible tendency to remove a number of countries from the list, within the framework of a “gradual plan” based on the health conditions in those countries,
Where the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, will present a detailed health report on the latest developments related to the Corona epidemic.
The sources suggested that “a consensus formula will be found between the ministries of health, foreign affairs, the interior and the General Administration of Civil Aviation regarding the exclusion of some countries as a first stage, provided that the list is reviewed periodically, based on the follow-up of the health conditions in each country according to the percentage of low infection rate.”

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