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Kuwait City, 26th September, 2020 :
Disha in DISHA ENCOUNTER is played by SONIA AKULA whose terrific performance gave life to this heart wrenching story …
Sonia is also founder of AASA an NGO (Action Aid for Societal Advancement) …
Here’s welcoming @SoniaAASA into twitter universe.
Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin

Disha Encounter Official Trailer | Disha Movie | Ram Gopal Varma | #RGVDisha | #LatestMovies

A film based on the 2019 gang assault and subsequent slaughter of a young woman in Hyderabad. DISHA gang assault and slaughter on NOVEMBER 26th 2019 shocked the whole country when 4 guys in a Lorry targeted a Scooty driving young woman and brutalized her crossing the upper limits in the crime history of India. Film releasing NOVEMBER 26th 2020 #RGV #DishaEncounter #RamGopalVarma #RGVMovie Movie: Disha Encounter Director: Anand Chandra Starring: Srikant Iyengar, Sonia Akula, Praveen raj Producer: Natti Kranthi & Natti Karuna Music by: D. S. R DOP: Jagdeesh cheekati, Kalyaan sami Anuraag Kancharla Productions Associate Producer – K Sekhar Raju Presented by Natti Karuna Nattis Entertainments Click here to watch: RAMU Motion Poster | A Biopic Of RGV Part- 1 | Ram Gopal Varma | #RGVBiopic | #LatestMovies https://youtu.be/jHDwed3uB_4 THE HUNTING and KILLING of RHEA CHAKRABORTY By Ram Gopal Varma | RGV | Ram Gopal Varma | Rhea https://youtu.be/WCb5HGLwZiI Arnab: The News Prostitute Motion Poster | RGV’s Arnab | RGV | Latest Telugu Movies | #Arnab https://youtu.be/1xAerI7fXio Nachhinonni Preminchadam Thappa? Lyrical Song | Murder Film Songs | RGV | Latest Songs | #Murder https://youtu.be/tXeHvcClV20 Pillalni Preminchadam Thappa? Lyrical Song | Murder Film Songs | RGV | Latest Telugu Songs | #Murder https://youtu.be/DFGTOYvX-cw MURDER Official Trailer Telugu | RGV | RGV’s #MURDER | Latest 2020 Movie Trailers | Ram Gopal Varma https://youtu.be/evaH2L-7NRQ Powerstar Official Trailer | RGV | RGV’s #Powerstar | Latest 2020 Movie Trailers | Ram Gopal Varma- https://youtu.be/MSY3qqh4K3I Gaddi Thintava Song | Powerstar Movie Songs | RGV | Latest 2020 Telugu Songs | #Powerstarhttps://youtu.be/JA6MkoQGcxU RGV’s POWERSTAR Announcement | Ram Gopal Varma | #Powerstar | Latest 2020 Telugu Movie – https://youtu.be/0jcSnx1pvKo 12 “o” CLOCK Teaser | RGV | Makrand Deshpande | MM Keeravani | Ram Gopal Varma – https://youtu.be/C-bvZYJUPOs Coronavirus Trailer | Ram Gopal Varma | Agasthya Manju | Latest Movie Trailers 2020 | #RGVhttps://youtu.be/D3EdI6G2tF4 Just Do It Freak Out Video Song Promo | Climax Movie | Mia Malkova | Ram Gopal Varma |RGV’s #Climaxhttps://youtu.be/HV_CpUQ9Xsk Ram Gopal Varma’s The Foreigner Short Film: https://youtu.be/d6oPk9V1Lfo Kanipinchani Purugu Corona Full Song | RGV Song on Corona | Ram Gopal Varma | #StayHome & #StaySafehttps://youtu.be/EFzOA0-jfOo RGV Dance With Naina Ganguly | RGV’s Beautiful Movie Pre Release Event | Naina Ganguly | Agasthya – https://youtu.be/WH_QkXh5XUk

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