How to Get 200000 Views on YouTube for Your New Account, iiQ8 Youtube Channel

YouTube is an amazing video sharing site that has a large following of people who are always looking for new videos to watch. If you want to grow your account, it’s important to know how many views you need on YouTube in order to do so. In this answer, I’ll share some tips and tricks on how you can get more views on your account.

Let’s break your question down:

Question #1: How to get views and manage expectations on Youtube

First off let’s manage your expectations when it comes to youtube. When your a new content creator on Youtube your expectations should be to aim for 500-5000 IMPRESSIONS NOT VIEWS per video in the first two weeks. This is a difficult task and it requires some strategic planning so that you can get your videos out there to people who might find them entertaining or informative.

Why Impressions over views?

If your videos are getting impressions it means your videos are being seen by people but they may not be clicking on them. This is an important distinction because it gives you the opportunity to optimise your videos content and click through rates and get views.

If your videos have no impressions it means they are not ranking at all, therefore other factors are going on.

How to get more views

You can get more views on Youtube by following a few simple steps:

  • Optimising your videos for keywords people are searching on Youtube and other video sites like Google, Bing etc.
  • Creating more than one account to share your content so you can get views from different audiences (more impressions)
  • Building an email list of subscribers who want access to exclusive or early released content
  • Linking your social media accounts to email (for example, YouTube account) so people can connect with you easier
  • Creating a Youtube channel trailer video that introduces new subscribers to the videos they’ll find in your playlist and then leveraging this by having it as the starting point for all of your future uploads.

Question #2: Is It normal for new Youtube channels to get no views?

In short yes. It is perfectly normal for new Youtube channels to get no views because no one knows who you are yet.

It’s also normal for content creators to have a few videos that get 100-200 views and some with hundreds of thousands or even millions.

The best thing is not worry about the number of views your video has, just make sure you’re putting out quality work on a consistent basis so people will start to know your name.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions make sure to comment them below.


Good Luck!

I’m not getting views or subscribers on my YouTube channel that I created two weeks ago. I’ve uploaded 19 videos. Why is that? Is this normal?

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