How can I get noticed by RECRUITERS on LinkedIn?

“How can I get noticed by RECRUITERS on LinkedIn?”
This is what I “prescribe:”
1. Make sure your headline is an actual
job title.
2. Make sure you have a Summary/ “About”
3. Make sure you write your summary in the first
person, “I” (but NOT in resumes).
4. Make sure you have relevant
keywords in your “About” section.
5. Make sure you have All-Star status.
6. Make sure your photo is professional.
7. Make sure you have some endorsed skills.
8. Make sure you have some recommendations.
9. Make sure your other social media is “clean.”
But most importantly….
10. Make sure you are actively
ENGAGING on the platform.
The algorithm rewards engagement by raising your profile in searches.
But be discerning.
Don’t just like/comment for the sake of it.
Engage meaningfully and with POSITIVE intention!

January 16, 2020 8:24 AM

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