Foreign Currency Home Delivery, iiQ8 Al Mullah Online Order Your Currency

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Foreign Currency Home Delivery, iiQ8 Al Mullah Online Order Your Currency
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Whatsapp/Call 1840123 for assistance.
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AlMullaExchange app enables the customers to remit their money in 1-step process.
AlMullExchange App Features:
#Easy Customer Registration:
You can activate your Al Mulla Exchange account in just 4 steps and explore all the online features right from your mobile phone.
Select the transaction details based on your beneficiary and click “Remit Now” for requesting remittance.
#Transaction History:
View your past transaction details in one-click using the My Transactions tab and download past transaction receipts of your choice.
#Beneficiary Listing:
View your beneficiary details from the Beneficiaries tab and view more details of your favorite beneficiary.
#Exchange Rate:
Explore the exchange rate for the currency pair you have selected, pick the best rate provider and remit through the same. Ease your remittance process by the best rates and transfer your money.
#About AlMullaExchange –
At Al Mulla Exchange, we pride ourselves on being a Compliant Global Financial Institution, by continuously investing in our technology and our people for ensuring maximum compliance in respect of best practises for AML and KYC processes. At the same time, we keep trying to improve the customer experience at our branches and our digital delivery systems.
So please do join us in becoming a valued member of Al Mulla Exchange’s extended family, if you already are not one. We promise to beat your expectations, not just meet them.

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