Expats who took part in Fahaheel protest to be deported

Kuwait City, 13th June 2022:

Expats who took part in #Fahaheel protest to be deported

#Kuwait: Expat Muslims including #Indians who held protest against #Nupur Sharma in #Kuwait City to be arrested and deported.
#Foreigners are not allowed to hold protests and agitations in #Kuwait as per law, therefore those who protested against Nupur Sharma will be deported and blacklisted.

Asian Muslim expats including Indians who staged an agitation against Nupur Sharma in Kuwait City will be arrested and deported to their home countries, Kuwaiti media has reported. The expat Muslims had gathered at the Fahaheel area in Kuwait City in Kuwait on June 10, Friday and held a demonstration against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for her comments on Prophet Mohammed. The protestors had chanted slogans against Sharma and in support of Prophet Muhammad during the demonstration.

The Kuwait govt decided to take the action because its national law bars expats to participate in sit-in protests or demonstrations in the country. Holding protests and agitations by foreigners is considered a serious crime in Kuwait. The authorities also aim to set an example, so that in future expats don’t engage in such violations.

On Friday, expat Muslims from various Asian countries including Indians had gathered in Kuwait’s Fahaheel area to protest ‘in support of Prophet Muhammad’ after Friday prayers, according to various media sources. However, perhaps they were unware that they were violating local law by this act, as foreigners are not allowed to indulge in political activities like protests and agitations.

A video of protestors in which 45-50 men can be seen giving the chants of ‘Allahu-Akbar’ and “La Ilaha Illallah” was widely shared on social media. The protestors were later removed from the spot. A large police force in riot gear had arrived at the protest area and the agitators were taken away in trucks.

Reportedly, the authorities have started to identify and arrest those foreigners who had participated in the protest. Their visas will be cancelled, they will sent to a deportation centre from where they will be deported to their native countries. A probe has also been launched to find who had organised the protest.

The protesters will be not just deported, but they may also be banned for life by Kuwait. According to Al Rai newspaper, the authorities have decided not to allow them to return to Kuwait in any further arrangements in future.

The Kuwait govt will also take appropriate actions against locals who were part of the demonstration. While the Kuwaiti govt has issued a statement condemning the comments by Nupur Sharma and had summoned the Indian ambassador to demand an apology from the Indian govt, the govt is of the view that this does not mean that foreigner will be allowed to hold protests violating the country’s laws.

In India, the week saw large-scale agitations, stone pelting and violent demonstrations by Islamic arsonists that saw many cities including Kanpur, Prayagrag and others held on a rampage. Meanwhile, suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma continues to receive death and rape threats, with her effigy openly hanged in Karnataka’s Belgavi – all for quoting hadiths during a TV debate, that sparked the Islamist row.




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