Expats can stay outside Kuwait for over 6 Months

Kuwait City, 10th August 2022:

No change in rule: #Expats can stay outside #Kuwait for over 6 months

No change in rule: #Expats can stay outside #Kuwait for over 6 months

Online renewal of residency permits from abroad still in place

A Kuwaiti government decision allowing expatriates with residence visas to remain outside the country for more than six months is still in force, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported, citing well-informed sources.

“Until now, the decree has not been cancelled,” the sources said.

However, the sources said only domestic workers are not permitted to remain outside Kuwait for more than six months unless their sponsor apply for an exception for them.

Expatriates are also allowed to renew their residency permits while they are outside Kuwait. “The decree allowing the expatriates while abroad to renew their iqamas online is still in effect,” the sources added.

Last week, a new government headed by Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad took the constitutional oath in Kuwait.

Foreigners make up nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s overall population of 4.6 million.

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The discovery of a #new #virus transmitted from animals to humans (“Lani virus”)
According to the Chinese information portal “Binbay”, the new type is called “Lani virus”, and it is transmitted to humans from wild animals.
It was reported that Chinese scientists recorded a total of 35 people infected with the new virus in the #Chinese provinces of #Shandong and #Henan.


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