Expatriates Protesters to be deport with Entry Ban to Kuwait

Kuwait City, 12th June 2022:

Expatriates Protesters to be deport with Entry Ban to Kuwait


Expatriates, who organised protest march in Fahaheel, to be deport

Instructions were issued to arrest deport all the expatriates, who took part in a protest at Fahaheel on Friday (10th June 2022) , local Arabic Media Al-Rai reported.

According to Arabic media, number of Asian expatriates made a sit-in protest at Fahaheel after Friday prayers in support of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The sources confirmed that they will be deported from Kuwait as they violated the laws stipulates that sit-ins or demonstrations by expats are not to be organized in Kuwait.

The video of the protest was widely circulated on social media and the detectives are in the process of arresting them and referring to the deportation center to be deported to their countries. They will be banned from entering Kuwait again, reports Al-Rai.

All expats in Kuwait must respect Kuwait laws and not take part in any type of demonstrations.

Kuwait cracks down on illegal residents

The measures are being considered by the Interior Ministry after reports have shown that some 14,650 foreigners have entered Kuwait on visit visas in the past three years and have not left for their home countries, swelling illegal expatriates in Kuwait, the paper quoted an unidentified source as saying.
The penalties could include a two-year ban on those sponsors for obtaining any sponsorship visas, according to the report.

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