Excellent information about Lord Krishna, iiQ8

Excellent information about Lord Krishna, iiQ8

1. Srikrishna was born 5,252 years ago
2. Date of birth kree. Flower. 18.07.3228
3. Season : Sravanaam
4. Tithi: Ashtami
5 . Star : Rohini
6. Week : Wednesday
7. Time : Night Gum. 00.00.
8 Life span: 125 years 8 months 7 days
9. Death: Cree Poo 18.02.3102
10. Srikrishna’s 89th year Kurukshetra happened
11 Kurukshetra has happened 36 years. And then died
12. Kurukshetra Kree. Flower. On 08.12.3139 Mrigasira Shukla Ekadasinadu started and ended on 25.12.3139. Kree. Poo 21.12.3139 at 3pm. From 5 o’clock. The Surya eclipse that happened in Lavaru caused Jayadraduni’s death.
13. The Lord of the Great Creepy. Flower. On 02.02.3138 in Uttarayanam, the first Ekadashinadu died.
14. Srikrishna is worshipped in different places with different names. These are:
Kannayya in Madhura
Jagannath in Odisha
Vithala (Vitoba) in Maharashtra
Srinathudu in Rajasthan
Dwarkadisudu & Ranchchod in Gujarat
Krishna in UDP, Karnataka
15. Vasudev is the father who gave birth
16. The mother who gave birth to devaki
17. The father who raised up is the son
18. Yashoda raised by mother
19. Brother Balaram is a brother
20. Sister Subhadra
21. Birth place is sweet
22. Wives: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajithi, Bhadra, Lakshmana
23. It is reported that only four people have been killed in Sri Krishna’s life. They are : Chanura – Wrestler
Kansudu – Uncle in law
Infant and Dantavakra – Aunties sons
24. Srikrishna’s life is full of difficulties. Mother belongs to a terrorist clan, father belongs to Yadava clan. Their is an inter caste wedding.
25. Sri Krishna was born with a thick blue body. He has never been named in his entire life. All gokulas are called Nallanayya / Kannayya. Everyone used to play and insult Sri Krishna who was black and short. Her entire childhood was fought with life and death battles.
26. Due to the threat of drought and wild wolves, Srikrishna had to change from Gokulam to Brundavanam at the age of 9 years.
He is in Brundavanam till 27 14-16 years old. He killed his own uncle Kansu at the age of 14-16 in Madhura and freed his parents from Cherasala.
28. She never returned to Brundavanam again.
29. Due to the threat from Kalayavana Anu Sindhu Raju, we had to migrate from Madhura to Dwaraka.
30. With the help of Vinatheya clan savages, he defeated Jarasandudi at Gomantaka Konda (current Goa).
31. Srikrishna rebuilt Dwaraka.
32. At the age of 16-18 we moved to the abode of Sandeepani in Ujjain for education.
33. Acharyu’s son, who was kidnapped after fighting with African prabhasa beach in Gujarat, has been rescued.
34. After his education, after knowing about the forest of Pandavas, he saved them from Lakka’s house and then gave his sister Agu Drapadi to Pandavas and married her. Been very active in this one.
35. Pandavas formed Indraprastha city and made the kingdom to be established.
36. Draupadini was saved from a robe.
37. When they lost their way from the kingdom, they stood with Pandavas.
38. By being a companion to Pandavas, they made it like they were bringing victory in Kurukshetra.
39 I will see for myself that the city of Dwaraka which was built with a lot of gossip will drown in water.
40. He died in the hands of a hunter in the forest.
41. Srikrishna never did miracles. His life was nothing short of success. Not a single moment of life is spent peacefully without any struggle. In every turn of his life, he faced only struggles.
43. In life, we have to face every person and every matter with responsibility and at the end, we have not committed anything/anyone.
Although he was able to know the past and the future, he never lived in a sense of sense.
44. Srikrishna and his life are a true example for mankind
Hail Lord Krishna 🌹🙏🌹

In this way, the God of Kaliyuga Venkateswara Swamy, please inform the details.


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