Download “My Kuwait Mobile ID” or “Immune” app to visit malls and restaurants

Kuwait City, 25th June 2021:
Download “My Kuwait Mobile ID” or “Immune” app to visit malls and restaurants

Based on the decisions of the Council of Ministers, starting Sunday June 27th kindly provide the ‘#Kuwait Mobile ID’ or ‘Immune’ app, along with your civil ID upon entry to The Avenues, Entry will include:
◾Those who have received 2 doses of the vaccine.
◾Those who have received 1 dose of the vaccine & more than 14 days have passed.
◾Those who have recovered from COVID-19 & haven’t passed the 90-day period.
◾Those who are exempt from the vaccine for health reasons & provide proof approved by the Ministry of Health.
◾Those under 16 years of age.

Starting form next Sunday, June 27, only those who received the anti-Corona vaccine and groups who are exempted from receiving the vaccine will be allowed to enter commercial complexes with an area of ??more than 6,000 square meters. This is also applicable to dine-in areas of restaurants, cafes, health clubs and salons.
The committee to monitor the implementation of the health requirements will deploy field teams to monitor the entry to theses places. Field teams of the concerned government agencies will be present at the entrances of the commercial complexes to allow citizens and residents who have taken one or two doses of the vaccine to enter.
Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmed Al-Manfouhi explained that citizens and residents must download the “My Kuwait Mobile ID” application issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information or the “Immune” application issued by the Ministry of Health on their smartphones and show this to the field teams in the malls to be allowed to enter.
Al-Manfouhi called on everyone to cooperate with field teams by committing to implementing the cabinet decision, in order to preserve the health and safety of shopping mall visitors and prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Immune مناعة‎ – Click here to download for Android 

The “Immune” app have three categories of users. The first is in green for everyone who received two doses of the vaccine and completed 14 days after second dose. Second category in yellow for everyone who received one dose of the vaccine or had an infection with the Corona virus and completed 10 days passed. The third category is in red for everyone who has not received the vaccine or has an infection with the Corona virus.
Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Health, Ahmed Al-Gharib, said that the Ministry of Health has introduced a new feature in the Immunity application that allows its users to view the results of the PCR test taken in the last three months.
Last Thursday, the Council of Ministers announced that, starting from June 27th, only those who have been vaccinated against the Corona virus will be allowed to enter restaurants and cafes, health clubs, salons, and commercial complexes with an area of ?? more than 6,000 square meters.

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