COVID-19 Vaccine Registration for Booster Dose, Corona Booster Dose, iiQ8

How to register for Booster Dose Vaccine for COVID-19?

Online Registration for Corona Booster Dose in Kuwait, iiQ8

COVID-19 REGISTRATION FOR BOOSTER DOSE – The below information is required to register online.


CIVIL ID Information

CivilID / Serial No
SerialNo behind CivilID card
Basic Demographic Information
Patient Name

Date of Birth
Mobile No.
Email ID
Dose Information
First Dose Date / First Dose Location / Manufacture
Second Dose Date / Second Dose Location / Manufacture
Booster Doses for Covid 19 Vaccination are currently being offered to the following priority groups:
People Aged over 60 years
Healthcare Workers
Those with weakened Immune system
Individuals will be offered the booster dose after a minimum interval of 6 months following the second dose.
Booster Dose Vaccine for other groups will be made available once the appointments for the priority groups described above are sent.
I agree to take my Booster dose Covid19 Vaccination as and when my turn comes up based on the existing rules and regulations of MOH

PACI Website – Civil ID Appointment

Digital Civil ID – How to Install in Mobile