Benefits of IT Service Management as per ITIL ? ITIL course

Benefits of IT Service Management as per ITIL ? ITIL course  

Benefits of IT Service Management

IT Service Management is able to produce the following results:
• Improve quality service provision

• Cost-justifiable service quality

• Service that meet business, customer and user demands

• Integrated centralized processes

• Everyone knows their role and knows their responsibilities in service provision In order to determine whether an IT Service Management is necessary, an organization must first answer the following questions:

• Do the IT services align with the business requirements?

• Are the customers satisfied with the IT services?

• Are the customers provided with IT services that match THEIR needs?

• Is there any risk that the customers will shop elsewhere?

• Are there appropriate levels of security?

• How would the IT department fare in an audit?

• What would happen to the IT services in a contingency situation?

• Is the IT department proactive or reactive?

• Are changes requested by the business side of the organization able to be accommodated?


Organizational capabilities are shaped by the challenges they are expected to overcome. Service Management capabilities are similarly influenced by the following challenges that distinguish services from other systems of value-creation, such as manufacturing, mining and agriculture:

• Intangible nature of the output, difficult to measure, control, and validate (or prove)

• Demand is tightly-coupled with customer’s assets

• High level of contact for producers and consumers of services

• The perishable nature of service output and service capacity

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