Barbershops decrease the number of visitors, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 28th June 2021:
Barbershops apply the requirements and decrease the number of visitors
Amid a decline in the number of salon-goers during the morning period, precautionary health requirements began to be applied.
During a tour of local media, Azd (Barber) said that the number of clients decreased from 10 to 3 clients only in the morning period, while the entry of a number of other clients was refused for not receiving a vaccination.
Karim (the owner of a barbershop in #Jahra Governorate) said that with the start of implementing cabinet decisions and following health requirements, we committed ourselves not to allow entry to any unvaccinated customer, and this is necessary for everyone’s
He continued: Since the early morning, we have not received any customers until noon, which reflects negatively on the work, and causes losses that we will incur in the future.
He added: We are committed to all health requirements by providing masks, in addition to measuring the temperature, and we have put up a board confirming our commitment to the conditions and decisions of the Council of Ministers to prevent unvaccinated people from entering barbershops.
Source Al Rai.

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