Required Drivers Filipinos and Indians in Q8,


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Citykuwait city
StateNot Applicable

Required Drivers Filipinos and Indians for

Business Class Taxi

600 Vacancy for Drivers
Driver must be in Kuwait
Minimum 1 Year Experience in Driving
We accept only 18 Transferable visa
Without Kuwait Driving License you can Apply

Talyaa is an online based application which provides transport services to end users in order to ease the processes of transportation. Our application and services shall aim to save the end users time and lower fares, with extra beneficial services such as entertainment and security. In addition, the application will ease the process of drivers picking/dropping off customers which will increase their revenue, yet lower their monthly gas and vehicle service expenses. Therefore, drivers will be spending less working hours which shall benefit the reduction of traffic during rush hours.
Talyaa Additional Vehicle Services

The application services offered by Talyaa will launch soon and shall include the usage of new vehicles KIA Optima 2019. In addition, special services will be included within the vehicle cabin such as tablets, soft beverages and Wifiยฎ Free of charge.
Additional Services and features include but not limited to:
Surveillance camera that shall protect end users and drivers from any incidences.
Wifi Services
Two (2) Tablets used for advertisements.
Freshened odor interior.
Phone holders.
Seatbelt Detector.
GPS Vehicle tracker.
Wireless Smartphone chargers
Small beverage cooler.
A/C centralized unit to keep a cool and comfortable cabin
Talyaa New Driver Hiring Rules

Drivers will be signing a 5 year contract with Talyaa.
Upon Transferring residency, drivers will be able to start working as a Talyaa Captain.
Transfer of new drivers are only for Visa Type Article 18 transferable.
Driver will receive a new vehicle from Talyaa KIA Optima 2019.
On the first working year, drivers will be obligated to pay 8KD per day for the taxi usage.
Drivers are obligated to work for Talyaa application for a minimum of twelve (12) hours per day and may be split into a two (2) hour shift in accordance with the Dispatch team.
A 0% charge will be given to Talyaa from each order given by the dispatch from the application for the first year.

Drivers from outside taxi source that will use Talyaa application, will be charge 2% from the total.
Drivers must acknowledge that Talyaa application customers are always the priority in the service and once the pickup order is given drivers must comply and carry out the service immediately.
On the first working year, drivers will be permitted to pick up customers from the road, however drivers must let the customer download the application to use our service in the future. They shall explain the benefits to the customer as well.

When driver refers over 6000 customers a year, his yearly ticket back home and a free two (2) month rent will be handled by Talyaa Management; Free of charge Including insurance.
When drivers refer 3000 customers a year, his yearly ticket back home will be covered by Talyaa Management.

The second year, Talyaa captains will not be permitted to pick up any customers from the road and will be only receiving orders from the application only.
Drivers will not pay 8KD per day rent and will be working on a percentage basis. The charge between Talyaa and the Captain will be 50%-50%
Drivers who do not obligate customers to use the application will be fined 6KD and the customer trip will be free of charge.

Drivers are forbidden to live in Jaleeb Shuwiekh area.

Future vision, there will be two drivers on each vehicle working for 12 hours/12 hours shift.
Company will be providing a facility accommodation with a minimum cost.

Accommodation will cover, a parking facility with security and camera systems. It will cover a car washing area, a work and body shop for the vehicle maintenance, laundry service only for the cloths provided by Talyaa management. (Family section and Bachelor are separate.)

For each of the services in the accommodation facility, drivers will be paying a minimal cost guaranteed to be cheaper from all the services provided in the market.

Talyaa Driver Rules and Regulations


Driver shall not exceed a speed over 80 Km/Hr for the first 1000KM. Thereafter, vehicle must visit the Kia service center to replace the oil free of cost. Following the necessary, drivers should obey the speed limit laws and regulations set by the Public Authority of Roads and Transport.
Drivers are obligated to service and maintain their vehicles in the assigned workshop set by the management. Any repair done outside the assigned workshop premises will result in a 500KD fine.
Drivers are obligated to use the dress code handed over by the company within their working hours.
Drivers shall not use the phone for communicating and/or personal use during the entire trip along with the user.

Drivers shall not communicate with the end users, unless to discuss ride fares, drop off/pick up location, and/or topics related to end user service use and requests.
Smoking inside the vehicle cabin is strongly forbidden. Implemented under law no. 1995/15 article 5
There shall not be any additional signs or banners installed on and/or in the vehicle cabin by the driver, except if directed through an approved written permission by the management.
Driver must maintain personal sanitation and a clean odorless interior cabin at all times.
Driver must keep a warm welcoming smile and a steady polite manner with all end users at all times.
Driver must operate the vehicle in a calm and comfortable manner. In addition, drivers must comply with the laws such as: Use seat belt during motion, not using the phone while driving, infants sitting in the front seat, stopping in a forbidden or restricted areas.
Raising the volume of the radio and/or media player in the vehicle is forbidden.
Excluding water, No eating or drinking inside the vehicle cabin
Driver must maintain the vehicle health and status the same way it was handed over during the new contract agreement.
Talyaa Driver VACANCY

The first two years: 1 month of vacancy


The last 3 years: 1 month of vacation for each year

Main Office: Mazaya Tower 1, 4th Floor
Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Str – Sharq, Kuwait

Team Office: Anwar Taxi, 136th Street, Dasma, Kuwait
To Apply Please Call 22070220 or Write us directly or WhatsApp
650 70 611
Interview time at: 9 AM and 2Pm Sharq – Mazaya Tower 1, 4th Floor


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