9 Famous Apps Delete Immediately Because They Steal Your Passwords


9 Famous Apps Delete Immediately Because They Steal Your Passwords

Google has removed 9 dangerous apps that have been downloaded more than 5.8 million times through the Google Play app store, after technology experts were able to spot those programs and prove that they stole users’ Facebook login data.

The nine applications are working at full capacity to distract victims from their hidden function, so they were asking users to use their Facebook logins to access all the functions of the applications and disable in-app ads, according to the hacker news website .
Researchers from Dr. Web that ads within some applications are present, and the aim of this step was to further urge Android phone owners to perform the required action and log into the Facebook account in order to steal user data.
The malicious applications tried to trick their victims into logging into their Facebook accounts and steal data entered via a piece of JavaScript code , received from a server controlled by the hacker, and the stolen information is transmitted to the server using applications equipped with the Trojan virus.
The nine applications steal the passwords of their users, for the Facebook account, after adding the login permission as one of the main application permissions, and after giving the user the required permission, the Trojan horse malware begins to transfer the stolen information to the hackers’ servers, and then begins to expand its attack to steal passwords Traffic for other services.
And the nine apps that Google removed are:
1. PIP Photo (downloaded over 5 million times)
2. Processing Photo App (downloaded over 500,000 times)
3. Rubbish Cleaner app (downloaded over 100k times)
4. Horoscope Daily app (downloaded more than 100k times)
5. Inwell Fitness App (downloaded over 100,000 times)
6. App Lock Keep (downloaded more than 50 thousand times)
7. Lockit Master (downloaded more than 5 thousand times)
8. Horoscope Pi App (downloaded over a thousand times)
9. App Lock Manager (10K downloads)

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