84% Vaccinated as % Of Eligible Population against COVID-19 in Kuwait, iiQ8 info

Kuwait City, 11th December 2021:
How many people took COVID-19 Vaccination in Kuwait ? As per the Ministry of Health Kuwait the information is as below.
Last Updated on : 11-December-2021 02:00 PM
  •  Please Vaccinate to Protect yourself and those around you.
  •  Ensure continued protection against Covid-19 infection.
  • Get your booster 6 months after second dose
    without prior appointment at Mishref Vaccination center.

Dose Individuals
Vaccinated as
% Of Eligible Population
First Dose 3,315,197 84.53%
Fully Vaccinated (Two Doses) 3,181,996 81.13%
Booster Dose 151,714

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