72 Hours Quarantine is not mandatory in Kuwait, iiQ8 info

Kuwait City, 18th January 2022:
72 Hours Quarantine is not mandatory in Kuwait, iiQ8 info
The Council of Ministers agreed to cancel the mandatory 72 hours quarantine for arriving passengers to Kuwait. All arriving passengers will be in quarantine for 7 days after arrival and may end the quarantine after testing negative for a PCR test after arrival at anytime.
Earlier the passenger must wait for 72 hours to conduct the PCR test. However the cabinet cancel this condition and the arriving passenger can conduct the PCR immediately after arrival to end quarantine.
Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation also informed that the arriving passengers can end the quarantine immediately after conducting a PCR test on arrival.
Kuwait’s Cabinet announced on Monday resuming commercial flights with
South Africa,
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◾️Enforce a 7-day home quarantine for the immunized incoming travellers.
◾️Incoming vaccinated travellers will be relieved of house quarantine for the coronavirus if they undergo a PCR test with a negative result upon arrival in #Kuwait.
◾️Quarantine can be ended much earlier if a PCR test is conducted immediately after the arrival proving that the concerned traveler is not infected starting Tuesday, January 18.

#Kuwait : Travelers arriving in Kuwait are no longer required to wait for 3 days to do a PCR test to end their quarantine
Kuwait Cabinet approved 7 days home quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in the country, the quarantine can be ended with a negative PCR directly from the arrival starting from Jan 18.

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January 18, 2022 8:31 AM

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