50% Staff at Government Office, Public Transport, Less Staff at Private Office

Kuwait City, 11th January 2022:

  • The number of workers in government workplaces must not exceed 50%, & each government agency shall determine the appropriate percentage for it in a way that does not exceed these limits in accordance with the requirements of the public interest & work conditions starting from 12th January, 2022.


  • Ministry of Health Kuwait, Urged companies in the private sector to minimize staff in attendance as much as possible.


  • Order to make sure that workers at nurseries, kids clubs, salons, barbershops and gyms must all be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while also making sure that health protocols are followed.


  • Instructed the Public Authority for Sports to make sure that all people attending sporting events must be fully vaccinated.

  • Forcing public transportation to adhere to the number of passengers, which should not exceed 50 % of the total carrying capacity, with a commitment to apply the health & preventive measures in force by the MOH in this regard, effective from Jan 12 until further notice.


  • Decided that conferences, meetings & courses must all be held remotely starting from 12th January 2022.


  • Instructed state departments to provide their services online, & in case a person’s attendance was needed, they must make a reservation through the ‘Sahel’ app or reservation platforms of the respective departments.

50% Staff at Government Office, Public Transport, Less Staff at Private Office
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